Accounting Principles for Beginners

R316.25 (VAT Incl.)
Accounting professionals
Tristan David-Crewe White
105 Minutes
- CPD Assessment
- Certificate

Lesson Outline

Do you find accounting debits and credits confusing? Or has it been an age since you were exposed to basic accounting principles – perhaps the last time being high school? Is accounting not a strong point of yours, therefore forcing you to be totally reliant on the accounting software package to do all the thinking?

Have you recently taken up or want to take up a role in the accounting / finance department?

The following elements will be addressed during the session.
• What is accounting?
• Elements of financial statements: assets, liabilities etc.
• Exploring the double entry system
• What are debits and credits?
• Accounting equation
• How do I account / recognise a transactions plus examples involving each element?
• Cash and non-cash transactions to be recognised?
• Recognition and measurement principles
• Accounting cycle?
• Electronic accounting?
• Qualitative characteristics of financial reports?
• Income Tax