About Us

Who is Akhanani?

Akhanani Training Solutions is proudly supported by ProBeta Training, a world class-leader in professional training for Accounting Professionals in South Africa.

At Akhanani, our passion is to uplift lives through quality education.

We endeavour to make educational material practical and more accessible without the need for a classroom.

To achieve this purpose Akhanani developed a cutting-edge online learning platform to deliver quality education to learners with an extensive range of short to-the-point lessons/courses categorised within different levels and subjects.

All our presenters are highly qualified and renowned experts in their specific fields and invest a substantial amount of time in reading, researching and the interpretation of new developments to provide learners with the latest information, knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to further their careers.

At Akhanani we are passionate about using digital technology to empower learners through every step of their careers.

Together we can build a better future for all