Advanced Understanding Financial Statements

R500.00 (VAT Incl.)
Accounting professionals
Biz Facility
135 Minutes
- CPD Assessment
- Certificate

Lesson Outline

This comprehensive self-study course is designed to show the entrepreneur, managers, professionals, bookkeepers and other uses of financial statements, how to read and use key data from the financial statements, to understand profitability and cash flow of a business. The course teaches the three main statements, Income Statement, Statement of Financial Position and Cash Flow Statement, to manage the cash flow cycle from purchases to banking the cash. By completion of this course, you will be able to efficiently read the main financial statements, and using a number of key figures, develop a story line of the effectiveness of the business in generating sales revenue through to cash flow.

The video covers the following topics:
• Introduction and definitions
• Statement of financial position
• Non-current assets
• Inventory
• Receivables & payables
• Taxation
• Equity & debt
• Income statement
• Cash flow statement
• How to read financial statements
• The Two Step Tango model